Finding the Center of an Image in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Update! Click here (Grid, Guides, and Ruler Shortcuts in Photoshop CC) to discover my favorite tips related to Grids, Guides, and Rulers in Photoshop CC.

To quickly find the center of an image, set the rulers to percentage. Setting the rulers to percentage can also be helpful when recording actions that will  run on files of different sizes where you might want an effect to be applied to a certain percentage of an area.

Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 04-03-2014


  • By Trevor Dennis - 3:53 AM on April 4, 2014  

    Julieanne, I used your percentage tip to create center guides, after the last time you mentioned it, but it is surprisingly doable just dragging out a guide by eye, and letting it ‘snap’ into the 50% position. Or there is the very useful Guide Guide extension that has ready made icons for center guides, plus other handy defaults like divide the canvas into your required number of equally spaced guides. Add ons like Guide Guide can quickly become an indispensable part of your workflow. So much so, I wonder why Adobe have not built the tools in as standard.

  • By Mark Hutchinson - 4:43 AM on April 4, 2014  

    Hold the shift key as you move the guide and it will “snap” to the major percentage numbers but don’t forget that, as Photoshop is a pixel editor, 50% may not be an exact number of pixels such that if you are aligning items they can be out by 0.5 pixels.