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After yesterdays release of Lightroom mobile, I want to reiterate that when you sync a collection of images from Lightroom on the desktop to Lightroom mobile we are syncing Smart Previews – not the entire raw files. This means that you should not think of Lightroom mobile as a “backup solution”. 

There are a number of reasons for using Smart Previews in today’s workflow including; bandwidth, speed, performance, and storage space. So although you might have thought that Smart Previews were only useful for working with off-line files, now you know that they were designed for and specifically optimized to be used on a mobile device.

And don’t worry, Lightroom will create Smart Previews for the images that you choose to sync automatically, so you don’t have to do a thing. 


Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 04-10-2014


  • By Ineke Stofmeel - 3:56 AM on April 14, 2014  

    Can anyone tell me please which photoshop program is suitable for the Retina display of the Apple Mac Pro?
    Thanks in advance!

  • By Julliette Carignan - 11:25 AM on April 14, 2014  

    Hi Julieanne,
    I’ve been using a too-complex workflow to get collections to my iPad, one that involves two third-party solutions so that troubleshooting gets difficult– I don’t know whose solution is the problem so I can’t tell who to approach to clear it up. So I was thrilled to find out about this solution that I can hope will be much simpler!

    Until I read that it’s only available to those with CC subscriptions. I and my other Lightroom-using photographer friends are bummed about that! We’ve paid for Lightroom! I was all set to upgrade to LR 5 despite tough finances now so that I could use the mobile app; now Adobe will have to wait longer to get that revenue.

    We want to raise our voices to Adobe to encourage them to let Lightroom purchasers use the mobile app regardless of whether they’re CC subscribers. Please could you tell me how we can contact those who are decision makers who establish that access policy so we can have our outraged voices heard?

    (By the way, we’d add that we don’t like the subscription model in the first place and will no longer upgrade Photoshop if the CC subscription is the only option open to us).

    Thank you, and by the way, I’m a long-time fan of your excellent teaching!