How and When to Rename Files in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Since this is such a common question, I thought I would repost this tutorial. In this episode of The Complete Picture, I suggest several file naming conventions to use when creating templates for import, batch renaming, exporting, and editing in Photoshop, and I offer guidance on how and when to rename your files.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 02-13-2015


  • By Keith - 12:18 PM on February 13, 2015  

    As usual, excellent!

  • By Joan - 2:54 PM on February 14, 2015  

    This was great. I rename my files with date, custom name and sequence but I hadn’t been using a preset so this will make it so much easier. Thank you.

  • By Joan - 4:02 PM on February 14, 2015  

    I had been renaming photos with the date first, entered manually. When I opened files or in the Library, photos were in chronological order. Now I am doing it with a preset which places the date before the custom filename, how do I sort these photos? If I do it by filename the mixture of photos renamed under the two methods are no longer in chronological order. If I do it by capture time, scanned photos are out of order. I have over 12,000 photos renamed manually. Using a preset is so much easier, but I would appreciate knowing how to still have this mixture of two methods sorted in chronological order by when the photo was taken.

  • By Joan - 11:06 PM on February 14, 2015  

    I have worked this one out myself. The reason the files named with a preset were not sorting chronologically with those where I manually gave them a date was because one lots of dates had an underscore and the other had dashes between the year and month. So simple yet so frustrating until I realised. What I couldn’t do was “edit the Capture time” doing a whole lot at once. Even when I selected a batch it only altered some of them.

  • By Mike Skinner - 5:24 PM on February 16, 2015  

    I have Adobe Cloud with all of the programs but in Lightroom 5.7 when I try and rename files I only have one choice in the Custom Settings, EDIT. Unlike all the options you show in the video. When I click on edit I only have three choices in the Image Name, “Filename Number Suffix”, “Filename” or “Suffix”. Are all the choices you have in yours hidden somewhere in my Lightroom Folders? In the Sequence and days I have lots of choices, in the Metadata I have lots of choices