Photoshop and Lightroom Presentations before Texas School 4-25-2015

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Howdy All Y’all! Thanks to Don Dickson and the wonderful folks that bring you  Texas School, I’m going to be able to give two special presentations on Saturday, April 25 at the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas. These are going to be fast-paced, fun, and information-packed programs!  The price to attend both programs is only $47 if you have registered for Texas School. Admission is $97 if you have not registered.  Click here to register.


Saturday, April 25 10am – 1pm, Refining Your Creative Vision Using Lightroom’s Develop Module

Discover how to add your personal style to your images by harnessing the power within the Develop module in Adobe Lightroom. Master the tools needed to enhance, refine and add creative effects to your images using both global and local non-destructive image adjustments including color and tonal enhancements, custom conversions to black and white, and special vintage and traditional darkroom effects. Learn how to create presets to quickly apply these effects to multiple images and prepare your images for final delivery.

Saturday, April 25 2pm – 5pm, Photoshop CC 2015 – Taking Your Images to the Next Level

With millions of images being uploaded daily, how will you create distinct images that attract attention in a crowded landscape? Let Julieanne Kost demonstrate how Photoshop can be a significant and compelling part of the equation. Instead of using Photoshop to fix problems that can be solved in capture, Julieanne will demonstrate how to take your images to the next level in post process using the powerful features of Photoshop CC. Learn how to advance your work using layers, masking, retouching, and other persuasive manipulation techniques in subtle and sophisticated ways – shortening the distance between your idea and the sharing of your final photograph. Attend this session for a mixture of practical tips and inspiration that will help you further your craft.

Events and Workshops

Posted on 03-16-2015


  • By Lise Scollie - 5:39 PM on March 16, 2015  

    Is that EST, CST, or PST time?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 9:30 AM on March 17, 2015  

      The event occurs in Texas and is not being broadcast.