The Top 10 Ways to Automate Lightroom (Part 1)

Adobe Lightroom Classic

In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne will demonstrate how to streamline Lightroom by taking advantage of presets, templates, collections, virtual copies (and more) in order to eliminate much of the repetitive post-capture tasks such as importing, tagging, developing, exporting and sharing photographs. Although this video was recorded in a previous version, don’t worry, the techniques will work just as well today and answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive! So be sure to increase your Lightroom efficiency by watching!

Here is the latest and greatest PDF (JKOSTLR5DevModShortcuts) of all of the shortcuts for Lightroom’s Develop Module.


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 03-17-2015


  • By allen furst - 7:06 AM on March 17, 2015  

    This movie promises a list of keyboard shortcuts, but I can’t find them on the page.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 9:30 AM on March 17, 2015  

      Sorry! I have just added an updated link (in the body of the blog) to my favorite shortcuts in LR’s Develop module.

  • By Jimmy Deuce - 2:48 PM on March 17, 2015  

    Alwaysearn something new from you. Never realized presets could be set up for import. This will be a fantastic time saver. Thx

    • By Julieanne Kost - 1:08 PM on March 18, 2015  


  • By Giuseppe Natalino - 2:40 AM on March 18, 2015  

    Hi Julieanne
    I’m looking at your tutorials, I see that your file system is organized with folders that’s name is location (of your travels?).

    why do you use this kind of hierarchy?
    don’t you think that date hierarchy with keywording is good kind of organization and fastest for searching?

    have a nice day

    • By Julieanne Kost - 1:07 PM on March 18, 2015  

      I do it this way because I can remember WHERE I have been more easily then WHEN I was there. : )
      And the date is already in the file so I can filter on it at any time.
      So personally, I find that I don’t need to include dates in my folder or naming convention.
      I do keyword all of my images because you’re right, it is really fast for searching.

      • By Giuseppe Natalino - 1:50 AM on March 19, 2015  

        I focused on keywording only in one way, but I forget that flexibility of lightroom keyword hierarchy, and lightroom flexibility overall permit to build the wordflow on themselves like a tailoring dress

  • By Joan - 10:51 PM on March 20, 2015  

    This was terrific and I loved having the notes to keep for later use.