Tips for Creating Panoramas in Lightroom CC

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Click here to watch how to create raw Panoramas in Lightroom CC.

Below are additional tips for creating raw Panoramas in Lightroom CC:

• If you have made adjustments to the individual images prior to choosing Photo > Photo Merge > Panorama, not all of them carry over to the merged file. For example, if you have made local adjustments – such as applying the radial or a graduated filter, or painting in selective areas with the adjustment brush on individual exposures, those adjustments will not be applied to the merged file! Because of this, I would suggest that you don’t spend a great deal of time making adjustments to each of the individual exposures but, instead, merge the images and then make adjustments to the resulting Panorama image.

• The settings that are NOT copied over from individual exposures to the merged panorama are:

– Lens Corrections/Upright (with the exception of Defringe settings), since the merge tool is changing geometric attributes, and does not copy over existing geometric settings.

– Local Corrections

– Red Eye

– Spot Healing

– Upright

– Crop

• If you make adjustments to an individual exposures that can be copied over to the merged file (such as conversion to B/W or Split Toning adjustments) , make sure that the exposure with the adjustments is the “most selected” image.

Command + Shift + M (Mac) | Control + Shift + m (Win) will run Photo Merge > Panorama based on the last used settings (without displaying the Merge preview window).

• By default Lightroom appends the file name with -Pano. Although you can not change the default file naming convention, you can always rename after the file is created.

Post-merge, lens profiles don’t make any sense to apply to panoramas, so the feature is disabled.

• There is a size limit of 65,000 pixels on the long side of a file or, 512 MP – whichever comes first.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 04-24-2015


  • By Keith R. Starkey - 11:41 AM on April 24, 2015  

    Thanks, Julieanne.
    This new feature brings up a question I now have. In view of the new features in LRCC, do you know if there will be any incompatibilities or issues if one uses LRCC for a while and then goes back to using LR5 or LR6? I don’t think LR5 or LR6 would have an issue working with a pano made in LRCC, but it does cause me to think more broadly about the matter. Thanks much.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:01 PM on April 26, 2015  

      No, functionally they are the same aside from the Lightroom mobile syncing.

      • By Keith R. Starkey - 12:57 PM on April 27, 2015  

        Thanks, Jeffrey. I do hope this is the case because, being unemployed, I don’t want to face catalog issues if I have to resort back to LR 5 from LRCC. I can deal with loss of features, but it’s incompatibility in general about which I’m concerned. Thanks much.

  • By Keith R. Starkey - 10:14 PM on April 25, 2015  

    Crickets! Sigh 🙁