Lightroom CC – Comparing, Rating, and Prioritizing Images

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Explore Loupe, Compare, and Survey view while discovering if flags, stars, or colors are the best way to label your photos.

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Posted on 05-11-2015


  • By David - 7:07 PM on May 11, 2015  

    Informative and well-done Julieanne.

  • By ken weil - 7:32 PM on May 22, 2015  

    Hi Julieanne. Quick question which I can’t find anywhere. While using LR CC I would like to unflag several images at once. Cant seem to find the correct way.Thoughts? thank you. K

    • By Julieanne Kost - 11:38 AM on May 29, 2015  

      Select the files in the grid view and tap the “U” key to unflag the selected photos.