Lightroom Classic – Publish a Slideshow

Adobe Lightroom Classic

In this video, you’ll discover how easy it is to create dynamic slideshows in Lightroom CC.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 07-20-2015


  • By Martin Coward - 5:34 AM on July 21, 2015  

    Great video from Julieanne as always. The new stuff after LR 5.7 is nice to have eg. more music and Pan & Zoom but some things have gone backwards in LR 6.
    The text overlay – say from a caption in metadata looks great within Lightroom but once exported looks terrible even with quality set too high and max resolution on video export. I’ve tried many options but can’t get it acceptable and the forums have nothing. I do hope there will be a fix because the Slideshow module is sooooo useful.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:28 AM on July 21, 2015  

      Martin, Can you please post the issue to the Lightroom forums? Thanks!

  • By Sue Anne Hodges - 8:04 AM on July 29, 2015  

    HI Julieanne,
    FYI, I have posted in the bug report forum but just want to let you know Audio from video does not mute in LightRoom CC, worked fine in LR5. I tried on 2 computers, when the slider is all the way on music the video sound would mute in LR5, but does not in the latest LRCC2015. I received a reply that it has been confirmed as a bug.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:25 AM on August 4, 2015  

      Thank you for letting me know!