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Adobe Lightroom Classic

Discover how easy it is to upload raw, psd, tiff and jpg images, organize your files, make non-destructive edits to your photographs, and share galleries – all from a web browser using Lightroom web!

Here are a few helpful keyboard shortcuts for navigating Lightroom Web:

When viewing a collection:

Tap “S” to show sharing options

Tap “?” show current keyboard shortcuts

While viewing a single image:

Escape cancels photo selection and returns to grid

Tap 1-5 to add star ratings in a collection

Tap P, U, X to pick, unflag or reject an image in a collection

Spacebar toggles play/pause when viewing video

Left/right arrow navigates back/forward through single image (loupe view)

Tap “I” to open/close Photo Info side panel

Tap “O” to open/close Comment side panel

When editing a photo:

Tap “W to select the White Balance tool

Tap “R” to select the Crop options

Tap “A” to toggle aspect ratio lock


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 10-05-2015


  • By Nils Öhman - 5:17 AM on October 7, 2015  

    If I tap “?” I can also see that “C” is supposed to give you the ability to edit the caption. But when I press “C” nothing happens.
    I would really appreciate the possibility to edit and add captions.