Selecting a Color from an Image in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Classic

When using any of the Local Adjustment tools (Radial Filter, Graduated Filter, or Adjustment Brush), click in the Color swatch to choose a color from the Color Picker. To select a color from the image, first click in the color picker, then continue to hold the mouse down and drag over the image area to choose a color from the photo.


Note: applying color using the local adjustment tools is similar to adding a color wash, not a solid paint stroke (which would obscure details in the photograph). Adding color in this way can create a hand-colored look (similar to the traditional technique of applying colored pencils over on a B&W image).

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 11-09-2015


  • By Paul - 10:59 AM on November 9, 2015  

    You perhaps should have added that this still doesn’t work with GPU acceleration turned on.

  • By wobertc - 3:48 PM on November 9, 2015  

    When using the adjustment brush to add a color ‘wash’ it is possible to also set the brush to -100 saturation and it renders the image original color as monochrome then applying the brush color wash.

  • By Roger - 5:09 PM on November 9, 2015  

    I always forget this feature. Thanks for the reminder.

  • By Yves/CH - 1:22 AM on November 11, 2015  

    Thanks for this reminder.
    Is pression Wacom pen available with LR retouch pen ? And if yes, for flush or for density ?

  • By Mike Nelson Pedde - 7:52 PM on November 12, 2015  

    It should also be mentioned that once you activate the colour picker tool from the colour box, you can grab a colour from Anywhere on the screen, even another app. More here: