Free Training – Photoshop and Camera Raw Videos for the Holidays!

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG

If you’re looking to increase some of your Photoshop and Camera Raw skills over the holidays, offers several of the videos in my Photoshop CC 2015 Essential Training and Adobe Camera Raw courses for free.

Navigate to this page Photoshop CC (2015) Essential Training with Julieanne Kost and click the play icon to watch any of the unlocked Photoshop videos. Or, navigate to the Camera Raw Essential Training page to watch any of the unlocked videos.

To watch the full course (and thousands of other videos on a  variety of different topics), sign up for a paid membership (what a great holiday gift idea!) .

Here is a list of the unlocked videos that you will find in the Photoshop CC (2015) Essential Training:

• Customizing the keyboard shortcuts

• How large can I print my image?

• Making the canvas bigger using the Canvas Size command

• Using Vanishing Point to paste in perspective

• Blending two images together using Layer Masks

• Selecting soft edge objects using Refine Edge

• Using blend modes to emulate an image transfer effect

• Swapping heads in a family portrait

• Straightening images using the Adaptive Wide Angle filter

• Creating a soft, diffuse glow with grain

• Adding flames to a photograph

• Clipping an image inside type

• Adding a keyline around an image

• Creating a time-lapse video

And here is a list of the unlocked videos for Camera Raw (2015) Essential Training:

• Bridge and Camera Raw or Lightroom: Which should you use?

• Correcting a tilted horizon

• Bringing it all together to make an image shine

• Customizing color using HSL

• Recreating traditional color toning effects

• Merging multiple images to create a panorama

In addition, all of the Lightroom and Photoshop videos that I create  for Adobe are free and can be accessed using the two links below.

Lightroom videos —

Photoshop videos —


Adobe Camera Raw and DNG

Posted on 12-18-2015


  • By Sandy - 7:39 PM on December 18, 2015  

    Thank you for the holiday gift – knowlege and better skills! A long-time user of photoshop, I’m still learning new things every day. Appreciate very much your way of presenting information. My best image is always the next one and you help make it so.