Adobe Bridge CC Version 6.2 Available

Adobe Bridge

The update to Adobe Bridge CC includes improved performance for metadata and thumbnail generation, along with automated cache management for faster display and search of assets. Thumbnail generation will be on-demand, allowing you to start viewing thumbnails sooner (instead of waiting for all thumbnails to be generated before any are available for viewing), and thumbnails and metadata generation/search are performed only when needed. Select Preferences > General to self-manage the cache for faster display of thumbnail previews and quicker metadata search of assets.


You can save time by automatically organizing sets of images into stacks for processing high dynamic range (HDR) images and panoramas (Stacks > Auto Stack Panorama/HDR).


Bridge understands how to organize images based on an image’s capture time, exposure settings, and image alignment. If exposure times vary and content overlaps, Bridge CC interprets the photo as HDR, if not, then it is recognized as panoramic. Stacked images are identified by the number of images in the stack, displayed at the top left of the thumbnail.


• Command + right/left arrow (Mac) | Control + right/left arrow (Win) expands/collapses a stack

•Command + Option + right/left arrow (Mac) | Control + Alt + right/left arrow (Win) expands/collapses all stacks

You can now import media directly from your mobile phone and digital cameras that use PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) by selecting File > Import from Device. (This is a fix for OSX 10.11x (El Capitan) customers.)


This release also includes stability and performance updates, modernized code, and technology components for a stable platform for the next generation of Bridge.

Adobe Bridge

Posted on 02-10-2016


  • By Yerry Batista - 12:55 PM on February 10, 2016  

    I will love this “autostack” option on Lightroom 🙂

  • By Brian Astbury - 1:13 AM on February 11, 2016  

    Thanks for this, but could you please use the new version of MUSE to make sure that it’s readable on my phone – the non-responsive design means that to read the text I have to enlarge and scroll. Really, Adobe shouldn’t be this far behind.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 5:01 PM on February 12, 2016  

      Brian, could duo please post your comments to the Muse forum so that the correct product managers can see it. Thanks!

  • By Ray Bulson - 8:56 AM on February 11, 2016  

    When does this become available to the general public? The Creative Cloud manager currently has no update for Bridge.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 5:02 PM on February 12, 2016  

      It should be available now. Try quitting the CC desktop app and relaunching and see if it’s there.

  • By Mike Boruta - 10:12 AM on February 11, 2016  

    This latest version of Bridge looks great…except it is crashing like crazy! I just did a complete OSX reinstall yesterday so my iMac Retina is as clean as could be, but almost every time I open a folder of photos Bridge 6.2 unexpectedly crashes. 🙁

    • By Julieanne Kost - 5:02 PM on February 12, 2016  

      Could you please report this to the Bridge forum? Thanks!