Adobe Portfolio – Day 5 of the 10 Day Challenge

Adobe Portfolio

Congratulations on making it to day 5! Today we’re going to create our specialty pages (such as a Contact or Artist’s Statement) and then add our social profiles. You might want to create a different type of page, but the process is still the same. Lets get started.

Adding Pages. Click the Add Content icon in the left margin.

501add content

Choose Page.

502Add Page

Name the page and click Create Page.


Click “Find files to upload” to add an image to your page, or choose “Skip this step” (you can always add images later).


Portfolio crates a new, blank page. Click Add Text on the floating remote to add your contact and bio (or whatever information you’ve chosen to add).


Editing text. Click Edit Global Styles on the floating remote to make site-wide changes to text styles (if you wanted to change the default style for all of the headers in the layout, for example).


Chose Headers, Subheads, Paragraphs, or Captions etc. from the list. Any changes made to these settings will be reflected throughout your portfolio (i.e. on other pages).


To apply text styles and customize text, click-swipe to select the desired text and use the pop-up format bar to assign a different style, font, size, color, case, or alignment, and even add links .

Note:swiping to select text starting at the beginning of my name and swiping to the right displayed the format bar. I noticed that when I swiped from the end of the text block to the beginning (right to left) the format bar wasn’t alwys displayed. 

When finished, click Update Page. Then, click Back to Home. At any time you can return to the page by clicking on it in the navigation panel.


Click the Page to edit the contents.

Reordering pages. To reorder the Bio & Contact page below the Photography gallery, click the Manage Content icon from the left margin.


Use the grabber handle to drag the page below the gallery. Click Done when finished


To modify the navigation style (font size etc.), click the pencil icon on the home page and choose Customize.


Select Page Titles and make any necessary modifications (don’t forget that you might want to change the rollover and active states depending on what changes you make to the regular options), and click Done when finished.


Follow the same steps to add additional pages (such as an artist’s statement), reorder, and customize the navigation.

Link social profiles. Ok, now it’s time to link to our social media properties and add icons. Thankfully, Portfolio makes this really easy.

Hover your cursor over the navigation area, click the pencil, and choose Customize.


Toggle the switch to enable Social Profiles.


Toggle the switch for the desired property and enter your custom URL.


Then, click Social Icon Style and customize the icon style, alignment, color, margins etc., as desired.


Congratulations, you’ve finished the fifth day and you’re more than half way to publishing your spectacular work! Wait, how are we more than half way on day five? Because at this point, you’re familiar with Portfolio’s editor and we’re finished with all of the heavy lifting. Next week it will be mush easier as we make simple refinements to the site and to our images as well as become acquainted with a few additional cool features. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

Adobe Portfolio

Posted on 03-25-2016


  • By Geoff Scott - 3:38 PM on March 26, 2016  

    Can I change the order that the social media icons appear in? It seems hardcoded and I’d really like my LinkedIn icon last.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 3:11 PM on March 28, 2016  

      Hi Geoff, you can’t reorder the social media icons, but they product team is definitely aware of this request! -j