Adobe Portfolio – Day 6 of the 10 Day Challenge

Adobe Portfolio

Welcome back to day six of the Portfolio challenge. Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to move your Portfolio forward! Today we’re going to create two different types of links. First we will use the text formatting bar to create a link on a page, and then we will create a direct link within the navigation.

Linking text. To add a link to the text on the Bio and Contact page, click the name of the page in the navigation area.


Then, click Edit Page Content in the floating remote.


Optional: to customize the default style of links created throughout the site, on the remote, select Edit Global Styles . If you change settings, click Done to set the new default style for links throughout your site.603GlobalStyle

To assign a link to text, select the text and click the link icon in the pop-up format bar.


Add your link and choose whether or not to Open link in new tab.

605AddLinkClick Done and then Update Page. Once the page is updated, click Back to Home.

Creating linked navigation. You can easily add a link in the navigation to quickly take your viewer to another social site such as your blog. Return to the home page, and click the Add Content icon in the left margin.

606AddContentChoose Link.

607ChooseLinkName the link, enter the URL, and choose to Open link in a new window (if desired). Click Add Link.

608LinkTo reorder the link in the navigation, click the Manage Content icon.

609ManageDrag the grabber handle to rearrange.


To change the style for the Link, click the pencil icon in the Navigation area, and choose Customize. Click the Links option and change the style and margins as desired.  Don’t forget that you might want to change the rollover and active states too.


Note: you can also add a “mail to” link. I don’t have one on my site, but you would follow the same steps as above, but in the Link options dialog, enter the name of the link (Email Julieanne, for example) and then enter the mail address  (, for example). The help system has additional information on adding a “mail to” link if those steps aren’t working.

To preview your site, click the Preview button at the bottom of the screen and test out the links. Click the icons along the bottom of the screen to preview your Portfolio on different devices. Because Portfolio uses responsive design, it will adapt its layout across devices of different different shape and sizes.


Adobe Portfolio

Posted on 03-28-2016


  • By jim comer - 8:03 AM on March 28, 2016  

    I have played some with your ideas.
    I notice that the portfolio images from a selected gallery show quite large on the screen and are tightly packed one after the other. The images do not quite fit the screen heigth correctly.

    Are there viewing options for size and spacing ? Can the display be seen in full screen?

  • By John Weiss - 10:09 AM on March 28, 2016  

    I’m having similar problems. Using Width and Alignment and Margins helps, but I haven’t figured out how to do this consistently. Portrait photos are more of a problem. I also am trying to use the space bar to move from photo to photo within a project, but when I do that the images are never aligned.

  • By Martin Abbott - 2:35 AM on March 29, 2016  

    Hi Julieanne – I’m having the same little difficulties as Jim and John above. Also why did you choose the number of pixels and the resolution ie 2200 and 300 in your Export dialog box? Is this pixel count or the ppi contributing to our problems?
    Many thanks for all your Adobe work – it’s far more than great!
    Kindest regards, Martin