Embedding Video into an Adobe Spark Page

Adobe Spark

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to Adobe Spark Page, I have to tell you that I absolutely love this simple, yet elegant storytelling app from Adobe. And now, you can embed video from either YouTube or Vimeo as a part of your story!

Click the plus icon and select Video.


Copy and paste the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo. Note that the embed code is different from the Web Address (URL). On whichever site you used to post your video, look for a button that says “embed”. In the case of YouTube, click the Share button (under the video), and then click Embed. Copy the code, return to the Add an Embedded Video window in Adobe Slate, and paste the embed code for your video.

04_01SlateEmbed copy

FYI: in this example, the embed code is longer than what appears in the window.

That’s all there is to it, your video is now embedded into your story.


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Posted on 04-13-2016


  • By Douglas Bain - 4:43 AM on April 21, 2016  

    Just started using Slate and it looks great.
    However; does the video have to come from YouTube or Vimeo ?
    I have video on my Zenfolio website that allows cut and paste of the embed code but Slate says that it is not a valid link.

  • By NUOEL - 9:36 AM on April 23, 2016  

    Dear Ms Kost. I have been trying to embed a video from my Vimeo account. The code is here incase it is easier to look at it in order to be able to respond to this question:

    Thumbprint Art from Go Beyond The Classroom on Vimeo.

    I have also tried to embed from the first tag to the last only, .

    I thank you so very much in advance for your response!