Passenger Seat eBook Discounted for Earth Day

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The electronic version of my book Passenger Seat – Creating a photographic project from conception through execution in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, is featured as part of Pearson’s Earth Day sale, starting today!


Use the discount code EARTH to get 45% off.

Offer good from April 18 through April 22, 2016.

Click here to view additional books on sale for Earth Day.

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Posted on 04-18-2016


  • By Richard Laurence - 10:21 AM on April 19, 2016  

    Julieanne, I’ve been trying to buy your new book via the Peachpit website, but it won’t accept my UK post code. I’ve sent them a message, but I wanted you to be aware of the problem. Presumably no one in the UK will be able to buy it!

  • By Geoff Baylis - 4:22 AM on April 21, 2016  

    Julieanne, hard as I try, Peachpit refuses to add your ebook to the shopping cart (other books work fine). They don’t seem to have any contact details on the site either!

  • By Geoff Baylis - 5:04 AM on April 25, 2016  

    Now that the offer period is over, Peachpit will take my order! I think that’s what’s known as a “virtual offer”.