Button Mode in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

In the Actions Panel, use the fly-out menu to select Button Mode to view your actions as buttons (clicking the button runs the action). If you’re working with several  actions in a production environment, you might want to rearrange the panel so that it fits horizontally along the bottom of your screen, making more actions accessible without scrolling. 2016_05_27Button


Note: Use the fly-out menu on the Actions Panel to toggle Button mode off in order to create new actions and/or make changes to existing actions.

Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 05-31-2016


  • By Matt O'Brien - 6:05 AM on June 1, 2016  

    I am pleased that the Button Mode exists and use it regularly. Unfortunately, this highlights a major short coming in Photoshop, namely the lack of ability to create custom panels.

    My biggest criticism of Photoshop is that the interface is dependent on memorizing an impossible number of shortcuts to work efficiently and worse, having to use 2 hands to enter shortcuts, adds to the pain. A nightmare in terms of efficient ergonomics.

    All decent desktop apps allow the user to create and populate their own panels (eg Ms Office and Autocad). Adobe at one stage provided a flash extension to allow users create their own panels.

    Unfortunately, Adobe just pulled the plug on that feature with the demise of Flash without providing a replacement. Typical.

    So Button Mode is the poor man’s custom panel. Sad.