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I’m excited to announce that my new Photoshop 2017 Essential Training: Photography course is now live on!


Whether you’re an experienced photographer or someone who has just recently purchased a camera, learning how to use Photoshop is the best investment you can make to get the most out of your pixels. In Photoshop CC 2017 Essential Training: Photography, Julieanne Kost reviews the Photoshop features and techniques that are most useful to photographers, from tonal adjustments to retouching.

Photoshop CC and its companion app, Camera Raw, are loaded with tools and features for photo editing, retouching, color correction, and creative effects, so you can always produce the highest quality images. This course gets you up to speed with Photoshop and shows the most efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, compositing, and even painting. Along the way, you will learn the secrets of nondestructive editing and mastering features such as layers, adjustment layers, blending modes, filters, layer masks, and other features that make Photoshop the most popular and powerful image editing software on the market.

Topics include:

• Making creative changes with adjustment layers

• Adding color and gradients with fill layers

• Retouching portraits

• Combining (aka compositing) multiple images

•Working with Smart Objects

• Applying filters like blurs and glow

• Painting with Photoshop

• Adding text and watermarks to photos

• Using artboards and libraries

• Exporting and sharing images from Photoshop

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And did you know that you can watch these videos off-line by using the desktop or mobile app?


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Posted on 11-09-2016


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