Deleting Synced Photos from Collections in Lightroom

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When deleting photos from a synced collection, Lightroom displays the following warning dialog:

If you want to remove the photo(s) from the collection, yet still have them accessible via the All Synced Photographs view on your mobile devices, choose “Yes”. If you want Lightroom to remove the photo(s) from the collection as well as from All Synced Photograph, click “No”.

To set Lightroom’s default behavior (and skip this dialog), check the “Don’t show again” checkbox, and select your option. From then on, Lightroom will do whatever you elected to do this time.  For example, if you click “No” with the “don’t show again” checkbox checked, then it will do “No” in the future, without asking you.

Note: you can always reset this warning in Lightroom’s Preferences > General > Prompts: Reset all warning dialogs.

Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 01-30-2017


  • By Frank Heitmuller - 11:38 AM on January 30, 2017  

    Thanks Jullianne,

    Would that be why, when removing a collection from sync, the individual images are still synced? Seems like I may have ticked the wrong option if read what you are saying correctly.

    • By Frank Heitmuller - 12:01 PM on January 30, 2017  

      Update on my previous comment, I have tried your trick above and it works for when you delete a collection, but just clicking the bidirectional arrow next to a collection to remove them from the mobile sync, leaves the images in the all synced photographs. Is this a bug or is there a trick as above to make sure the are removed?

  • By Danisa Rais - 10:14 PM on January 30, 2017  

    Thanks Julieanne for this nice information. Though I knew about the dialog, but I did know that this could be reset once I select “Don’t Show Again”. Small but pretty important tips.

  • By Reynold Jaquet - 11:27 PM on January 30, 2017  

    Hello Julieanne.
    There is just one caveat. If I click YES the picture is still synced and you can still view it on your mobile devices.
    But, since it is in no collection any more, I cannot de-sync it from my laptop. Unless there is some to me unknown solution.
    So, to unsync, I have to find and delete the picture on any of me mobile devices.

    Thank you for your comment and best regards.

    Reynold Jaquet

    • By Julieanne Kost - 7:57 AM on February 2, 2017  

      Reynold, there is an option in the Catalog panel of Lightroom desktop called “All Synced Photographs” that you can use to manage (delete) photos that are synced, but not in any collections.

  • By Susan Mayne - 12:23 PM on January 31, 2017  

    What if you don’t want all of your photos on your mobile device becase they are taking up too much room? How do you delete photos on, say, your iPad without deleting them on your iPhone and desktop?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 7:55 AM on February 2, 2017  

      When you sync a collection using Lightroom CC on the desktop, by default, the full resolution images are NOT downloaded to the mobile device – instead only a proxy is stored onto phone until you need to edit the file – then a larger resolution file is pulled down from the cloud on an “as needed basis”. You can download the larger resolution file by tapping the three buttons to the right of the collection and selecting to Enable Offline Editing. This is useful if you know that you are going to be offline for example and want to edit your images. And, just FYI, when an image is synced from LR on the desktop, only a smart preview is uploaded, not the full resolution file. This might help:

  • By Chantal Routhier Photography - 1:30 PM on February 2, 2017  

    Game changer! Thanks for explaining this

  • By Chantal Routhier Photography - 1:31 PM on February 2, 2017  

    Game changer! Thanks for explaining this.. I will always be selecting this from now on in Lightroom! This is going to make my workflow so much better.