Assigning a Download Location for Lightroom CC Mobile Images

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When capturing photographs using the Lightroom CC mobile capture app, the photographs are stored in a the Lightroom app until they have time to be uploaded to the cloud. After the photographs are uploaded, launching Lightroom CC on the desktop, will automatically start the images downloading to a default location on your local machine. You can change the default location by selecting Preferences > Lightroom Mobile. In the Location area, click Choose… and navigate to your preferred location. Note: you can also have Lightroom automatically create subfolders based on capture date.

You must be a member of either the Creative Cloud for Photography or Creative Cloud member to access syncing services.

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Posted on 02-13-2017


  • By Robert Taylor - 7:39 AM on February 13, 2017  

    1. Where are the images that I shot before I changed this setting? I cannot find them on my desktop.
    2. How do I force a sync from the cloud to my desktop?

  • By Mirela - 5:15 PM on February 14, 2017  

    Cool! Didn’t know that!

  • By سپیدارسیستم - 4:24 AM on February 16, 2017  

    This is very good that it makes folders based on creation date.