Adding Photo Grids to Behance and Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio

Uploading and viewing photography on Adobe Behance and Adobe Portfolio just got even better. Photo Grids are a new way for you to easily showcase larger groups of images. Add images directly from your computer, Lightroom Collections, or Creative Cloud files, and start building a beautiful, responsive grid that makes viewing your set of images effortless.

You can add a photo grid when you start building a project or, add individual images and then insert a grid at any time. Click and drag any image within the grid to reorganize or sort them alphabetically in a single click.

Click here to view an example of using a Photo Grid in Behance or here to view in Portfolio.

For more information and step by step instruction to create your own photo grids in Behance click here and for Portfolio click here.


Adobe Portfolio

Posted on 03-15-2017


  • By Bryn - 9:52 PM on March 15, 2017  

    Cool! Thanks! Anyway to do this in lightroon or re export them at higher res than.right as?

  • By Mirela - 3:33 AM on March 16, 2017  

    Cool! This is so useful! Everybody is asking for a photogrid and frames!