Setting a Default Folder for Lightroom Mobile

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When capturing images in Lightroom mobile (or when importing them into Lightroom mobile from your camera roll), Lightorom uploads those photographs to the cloud and then downloads them to Lightroom CC on the desktop. By default, the images appear in the Folders panel under a new drive header with the same name as your mobile device. While it’s easy to select and drag the files  to another folder, it might be easier to import them directly into your desired folder. To do this, you need to change the default location for your mobile files. Under Preferences > Lightroom mobile, enable Specify location for Lightroom mobile images, click Choose, and navigate to the desired folder. 

Note: you can also have Lightroom automatically create folders based on capture date.

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Posted on 03-27-2017


  • By Steven Zavalney - 10:29 AM on March 27, 2017  

    I am wondering if Lightroom syncs the RAW file back to the desktop.

    Here’s my specific (theoretical) scenario….

    I am out travelling, shooting RAW images, which I then impoirt into my mobile (tablet) device. When Lightroom CC syncs, does it take the RAW file and “send” it to my desktop back home? Or dies it just create the smartpreview?

    Sorry if this has been answered, I cant find specific details on the sync process.

    Thanks for all the super information!


  • By Brenda Delores Poole - 4:18 PM on March 27, 2017  

    Thank you Julieanne@

    I was having trouble finding the photo I took today with the Lightroom Camera on my iphone. I finally found it in the cloud after a lot of looking. I hope this solves the problem for me. Perfect timing!

  • By Mirela - 5:33 PM on March 28, 2017  

    Thank you! Extremely useful this!