Tasmania – Island of Inspiration

Adobe SparkPhotography

I had the opportunity to visit Tasmania last month and spent the last weekend creating an Adobe Spark Page.

I really appreciate how easy it is to create a collection of photographs in Lightroom, sync it across my mobile devices, and use a beautifully designed Spark theme (template) to tell my story.

Click on the image below to view the images – I hope you enjoy the journey!

Adobe Spark, Photography

Posted on 09-07-2017


  • By Daniel thomassin - 6:10 AM on September 7, 2017  

    Merci beaucoup pour votre post superbe travail. LE TOP

  • By Glen - 8:22 AM on September 7, 2017  

    Fabulous photo’s Julieanne! Tassie is such a wonderful and special place, so much diversity and fantastic food!
    I really like your Spark presentation!

  • By Anne Bruce - 8:22 AM on September 7, 2017  

    Absolutely stunning photographs, thank you for sharing them!

  • By Jerry Jividen - 2:22 PM on September 7, 2017  

    Very much enjoyed seeing your beautiful images of Tasmania. I too fell in love with this island last year while shooting a wedding there. Driving on the other side of the road was interesting as were the people I met along the way. I love the Spark template and will look into using it in the near future. Again, a wonderful collection of photos that will keep me smiling for a long time.

  • By Bernadette - 3:25 PM on September 7, 2017  

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  • By Margaret Fegent - 3:42 PM on September 7, 2017  

    What a beautiful record of your visit. So glad that you could appreciate the sometimes “challenging”, changing weather conditions of Tasmania, one of our favourite places. Your photos really capture the beauty that can be found in mists, clouds etc. So glad you came downunder!

  • By Claire Doran - 4:39 PM on September 7, 2017  

    My home!! Glad you enjoyed it! I agree that it is a very slow drive anywhere if you are a photographer. If I stopped every time I saw a shot I wanted to take I’d never get to work in the morning! Next time you come make sure to do the east coast and Tasman Peninsula. (Oh and it would great if you could do a seminar or something while in town – oodles of local photogs would be thrilled to meet you – me included!)

    • By Julieanne Kost - 7:01 PM on September 11, 2017  

      I’d love to! We just have to plan on a way to get me back down there!!!

  • By Susan Goralski - 10:16 AM on September 9, 2017  

    Stunning images! Makes me want to return. I was there for only 1 short day about 20 years ago!

  • By Charlie Russell - 4:59 PM on September 12, 2017  

    The link to your blog, at the bottom, seems to be broken?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 9:29 AM on September 14, 2017  

      Thank you! Updated. : )

  • By Robert Cranna - 5:13 PM on September 15, 2017  

    Absolutely fantastic images. I doubt any of them were just the “quick shots” you mention in the commentary. Having walked the Cradle Mountain- Lake St Clair track twice in my life your images from there brought back many favourite memories.