Adobe Announces February Update to Lightroom Classic (7.2) 

Adobe Lightroom Classic

While this update of Lightroom Classic (7.2) focuses primarily on performance enhancements such as batch processing, I’m excited that the team has also added several small, yet powerful features, to help us quickly find our images in the Library module and more!

Performance Enhancements

First, by working with our partners at Intel, the team was able to make significant strides to increase the performance of multi-core machines that have 12GB (or more) of RAM. Regardless of how many cores your machine has, the code that optimizes CPU and memory usage is scalable so you will see improvements, but in general, if you have small number of cores, you will see a smaller increase in performance than if you have more cores (in which case you should see a larger increase in performance).

Here are the areas where you should see the largest performance gains:

• Faster  import, auto import, preview generation and export

• Faster moving from one image to the next in Loupe View and the Develop module

• Faster rendering of adjustments in Develop

• Faster batch merge operations of HDR/Panos

• Functions in the app (such as preview creation on import and batch exporting), will not slow down over time or with extended use (particularly on Windows machines).

Five New Library Module Features

1) Filter/Search the Folder Panel

To quickly find a folder (especially those that might be burred deep within your hierarchy of folders and subfolders), click in the Filter/Search bar at the top of the Folders panel and start typing.

2) Favorite Folders

If you have folders that you return to time and again, Control -click (Mac) | Right -click on a folder and choose Mark Favorite from the context sensitive menu. Use the Folder Panel’s Search menu to view your favorites.

Folders marked as Favorites can be accessed across all modules by selecting them from the black bar at the top of the Filmstrip.

3) Create Collections and Collection Sets from Folders

There are several options for converting folders to collections – including (or not), Collection Sets making it easier then ever to sync your collections across mobile devices:

• To create a collection from a folder, drag the folder from the folder panel to the Collections panel. Or, Control -click (Mac) or Right -click on the folder and choose Create Collection “folder name”.

• To convert a folder with subfolders to a Collection Set with collections that maintain the same hierarchy as the folders, Control -click (Mac) or Right -click on the parent folder (the one that has subfolders) and choose Create Collection Set “folder name”.

• To create a single collection of all of the photos from a parent folder (including images within subfolders), Control -click (Mac) or Right -click on the parent folder and choose Create Collection “folder name”.

4) Filter on Edited and Unedited images

To quickly find images that are edited or unedited (this includes having a crop applied), in Grid view, do one of the following:

• Click Attribute in the Filter Bar. Click one of the Edits icons (Edited or Unedited) to filter.

• Click Metadata in the Filter Bar. Click the name of a column header and choose Edit from the list. Choose  Edited or Unedited images to filter.

5) New Smart Collection Rule

A new rule (Has Edits), has been added to the Develop category in Smart Collections. Selecting “Has Edits” displays images that have adjustments applied and/or cropping but excludes images that only have adjustments (and no crop) applied. Note: to create a Smart Collection which includes only with adjustments (and ignores the crop), choose “Has Adjustments” instead.

New Map Module Feature

You can easily create a collection based a group of photos at a specific Pin location. Control -click (Mac) | Right -click on the pin and select New Collection from the context sensitive menus.

This release also includes additional camera raw support, lens profile support, and addresses bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 02-13-2018


  • By Lyle Stavast - 8:04 AM on February 13, 2018  

    “Functions in the app (such as preview creation on import and batch exporting), will not slow down over time or with extended use (particularly on Windows machines).”

    was this isolating and resolving some memory leaks ?

  • By ProDesignTools - 8:07 AM on February 13, 2018  

    Thanks Julieanne, this is great! So glad to see Adobe continuing to make significant investments in both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.

  • By jlua - 11:43 AM on February 13, 2018  

    “Creating Collection Sets from Folders” is a very welcome new feature, but there’s one important thing missing, unfortunately: The newly created nested Collection Set only maintains its structure on Lightroom desktop; if shared to Lightroom Mobile, the structure disappears on all synched mobile devices. I hope Adobe fixes that soon.

  • By MajesticBearrdsman - 3:33 PM on February 15, 2018  

    Does this mean that one can confidently buy a 6core/12thread cpu without worrying about the dreaded slowdowns? I had to settle for a 4/8 when I really wanted a 6/12.