In-depth Information about Profiles in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera Raw

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Josh Haftel sat down with Photoshop creator Thomas Knoll and his teammates Eric Chan and Max Wendt in order to answer some of the common questions about profiles including:

    • What is a DCP?
    • How does the new Adobe Color profile differ from Adobe Standard?
    • Why have multiple profiles?
    • Why are there different kinds of profiles?

Click “Read More” below to find out the answers to those questions and more!  

If you’re interested in creating custom profiles, check out this video by Josh as he walks through the process of creating a custom profiles in Adobe Camera Raw. Note: Josh does mention that creating a profile is a bit complex, includes many steps, and should be considered rather advanced: proceed with caution. : )

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, Video Tutorials

Posted on 05-03-2018


  • By Dan Roeder - 5:03 AM on May 4, 2018  

    The Adobe Raw Profiles Spark page ends abruptly mid-sentence in the paragraph talking about Camera Matching Profiles.

    Maybe it’s because I’m viewing it on an iPad in Chrome?

    I was enjoying the article and hoped to read more about the new profiles.

  • By Dan Roeder - 5:04 AM on May 4, 2018  

    Well, loaded it again and it looks like I got the entire article.

  • By Parth - 8:17 AM on May 5, 2018  

    Can’t see the read more button after reloading several times!