New Features and Updates in Lightroom CC Web

Adobe Lightroom Web

Lightroom CC Web now supports synced profiles and presets, extends the number of controls when sharing images, and returns improves results when using the Best Photos Technology Preview. 

Synced Profiles and Presets.

Profiles and presets that have been synced using either Lightroom CC Desktop or Lightroom CC Mobile will be available in Lightroom CC Web.

  • Select a photo and click the Edit this Photo button. Then, click Presets to access synced presets.

  • Select a photo and click the Edit this Photo button. Then, click Adjust and click on the Profile Browser to access synced profiles.

Lightroom Web Share settings.

You can now adjust the Share settings of Albums published with Lightroom CC from within Lightroom Web.

  • Click the Share icon (the globe) and click Shared in the options bar. 

  • In the Share Options dialog, click Share Settings.
  • In the Album Settings dialog, enable/disable  Allow Downloads, Show Metadata, and Show Location as needed. 

Best Photos Technology Preview.

The Best Photos technology preview gives you a chance to play with some of the exciting new technologies that our researchers are working on and provide feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, and features that you’re wishing for. Best Photos stemmed from the desire to pick more quickly the best photos from a group without the long and sometimes monotonous task of sorting through a number of similar photos. Best Photos leverages a number of Adobe Sensei technologies to help automatically identify and group similar photos, pick the best photo from that group, and then select the best photos of each of the groups. 

To enable Best Photos, click the Lightroom mnemonic and choose Technology Previews and enable Best Photos.

Then, within any album, click Best Photos.

On the left, choose between viewing Best Photos and Other Photos. On the right, use the slider to change the number of photos selected as “Best Photos”. To manually remove unwanted images from the selection, click the minus icon below the image.

When finished, chose to Share or Create Album based on your best photos.

Adobe Lightroom Web

Posted on 06-19-2018