Lightroom Classic Updates – Book Module, Presets & Profiles, and HEIC Support

Adobe Lightroom Classic

I’m excited to announce several updates to Lightroom Classic including several enhancements to the Book module, support for importing profiles and presets as ZIP files, and HEIC support on Windows.

Enhancements to the Book Module

For customers who have requested additional Blurb book options, you’ll be happy to know that the Book module now supports Blurb Magazine, Blurb Trade Books, and Layflat paper:

  • Magazines provide a high-end look with semigloss cover and velvet finish paper.  
  • Blurb Trade Books are affordable books ideal for distribution. 
  • Layflat paper for Blurb Photo Books make unique layouts possible, thanks to its seamless spreads.  

In addition, you can now customize the layout  – create any number of photos, at any size and place them anywhere on the page!

  • Reposition any cell (Text or Photo) anywhere on the page by dragging the center anchor point.

  • Change the size of a cell by dragging any of the eight resize buttons (anchor points) surrounding the cell. Note: as in earlier releases, dragging within the cell will change the cell padding.

  • Right -click on a page and choose Add Cell > Photo or Photo Description to add new cells to a page.
  • Right -click on a page and choose Remove Selected Cell to delete an unwanted cell. 

Use the new Page Grid and Guide Lines in the Guides panel for easier alignment of photos and descriptions.

Page Grid lines.


Page Guide Lines (visible when a cell (or multiple cells) is selected).

  • Nudge cells into position using Option + left/right/up/down arrow keys (Mac) | Alt + left/right/up/down) arrow keys (Win).

If cells overlap, change the stacking order (z-plane) by right -clicking in the cell and choosing one of the following:

  • Send To Back – sends the cell to the lowest level in the stacking order.
  • Send Backward – sends the cell one level down in the stacking order.
  • Bring To Front – sends the cell to the highest level in the stacking order.
  • Bring Forward – sends the cell one level up in the stacking order.

Save Custom Layouts as Template.  

  • Right click on a page and choose Save as Custom Page to save the Layout. Then, select it at any time using the Page panel’s page picker.

New Page Numbering Options:

  • In the Page Panel, choose to display page numbers on only the left or right page (instead of on both pages). 

Change Cell Border Size and Color

  • In the Cell panel, add a border of any size and color to a cell.

Pause (and Resume) during Upload:

  • Use the Activities Center to pause/resume the upload of cover and pages with in a session while uploading to Blurb.

Import and automatically install presets and profiles   

This release also adds in the ability to import a zip archive full of presets and profiles. Select Import from either the Preset panel or Profile browser, select the zip file, and Lightroom will automatically install the presets and profiles in the correct location.

  • From the Presets panel, click the ‘+’ icon and select Import Presets. Select the desired ZIP file and click OK.

From the Profile Browser, click the ‘+’ icon and select Import Profiles. Select the desired ZIP file and click OK.

Note: both Presets and Profiles will be imported with either of the above methods (XMP presets, XMP profiles, DCP profiles, and LCP profiles). Legacy “lrtemplate” files will not be imported (even if contained inside the ZIP).

  • In addition, legacy Presets and Profiles are now hidden by default. To reveal them, right -click on any profile group, choose Manage Profiles, and enable Legacy profiles.

HEIC Support on Windows

HEIC files are now supported on Windows and macOS High Sierra and later.  

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 08-22-2018


  • By Nadege Barmes - 9:42 PM on August 22, 2018  

    the LAY FLAT OPTION is not there at the update neither on the picture shown on this pages. the cell wont stay in the middle on the seams. so technically, you have NO option for lay flat album.
    Lay flat means that you can put a picture in the middle of the lay out. so no, you didnt fix that.
    also, we should be able to see the size of each cell that we are adding to make sure the size is right and be able to align them the way we want.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 4:41 AM on August 31, 2018  

      The Layflat option is available with the Blurb Photo Books. It’s found under the Paper Type.

  • By Nadege Barmes - 10:16 PM on August 22, 2018  

    OK lightroom, it is a nice try on this update but this i what is still not right.
    1 – if you are going to let people to add on cells and do whatever they want, you need to add on a tool that allow us to align the cells between each other. the gride is not enough to make sure everything is perfectly aligned.
    2 – you need to make sure we can see the size of the cell when we make it bigger or smaller. measurements are important.
    3 – allow to have the option to create a drop shadow on the cell. it could be a nice touch.
    4 – come on!!! all professional photographer out there used different and WAY BETTER books than BLURB. just let us create our own template!!! we should be able to decide the size of the layout, seam or not in the middle and voila! you pretty much have this into the print module, why not combining the 2?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 4:38 AM on August 31, 2018  

      Thank you for your feature requests, I have forwarded them to the team. FYI – while I have used LR Classic to create over a dozen books, I have also used InDesign when I want more control… Just a thought.

  • By Kirk - 2:22 PM on August 23, 2018  

    Have you improved the performance yet?

  • By Mel McNamara - 9:44 PM on September 3, 2018  

    I think someone requested this – allow a way to create duplicate cells of same size. And to evenly spread them across a layout.