New Features in Lightroom CC Mobile (August 2018)

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

I’m excited to announce new features and enhancements to Lightroom CC mobile on iOS and Android.


  • Lightroom for iOS now has two “smart” folders to help auto-organize your images:
    • Lr Camera Photos –  tap to see all images captures with the Lr camera
    • Recently Added – tap to see recently added photos

  • Tap the new Shared Albums icon (the globe) to see all of the albums you’ve shared on Tap the more icon (the three dots) to The right of the album to access and control the share options.

  • To help organize your images more quickly, tap and hold on an image to enter “multi-select” mode. Once the desired images are selected, choose to Add To (a collection), Move To (a collection), Share, or Remove. 

  • The filter menu has been updated, enabling you to filter your photos by media type, camera, location, keywords, and whether or not the photo has been edited.

  • When sharing images, the limit of 15 images was removed. 
  • Tap the new Gear icon (added to the Home screen) to access the Lightroom Settings (Preferences, Help & Support etc.).

  • HDR and long exposure photos captured within the Lr Camera are now greatly reduced in size (up to 2/3rds smaller) without any visual quality loss, taking less time to upload. 
  • A new Technology Preview was added (Settings > Technology Previews > Depth Map) which enables a new depth capture mode within the camera (letting you capture HEIC photos with depth maps).

Once the Depth Map is enabled, select Depth from the drop-down menu in the camera.

Click the Selective Edits icon and chose the  new Depth-aware selective tool.

Use the Depth Map range sliders to isolate the area in the image that you want to turn into a selection (the selected area will appear in red).

Then, use the Adjustment Brush to add to the mask (or the eraser to subtract from it) and apply the desired changes using the  same editing tools that are available with the other selective tools. 



  • Lightroom for Android adds in improvements to the Optics section with the ability to reduce chromatic aberrations (CA) as well as manually select from one of the more than1,200 Adobe created lens profiles available within Lightroom CC.
  • HEIC (sometimes referred to as HEIF) formatted photos are also now supported, letting you import and work with this new and increasingly popular photo format.
  • You can now pause and resume synchronization within the cloud status tab, letting you decide when you’d like to sync your photos and edits to the cloud.
  • We’ve also added in a brand new technology preview, Best Photos.  Best Photos combines Adobe Sensei smarts as well as changes and edits that you’ve made to your photos to make a recommend selection of your photos within an album with the highest potential, quickly and easily.
  • Finally, there’s a new guided tutorial (Settings > Help & Support > Guided Tutorials) to learn how to apply watermarks to your photos. 

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 08-29-2018


  • By Paul Anderson - 2:03 PM on September 3, 2018  

    How do you find the Best Photo feature in Lightroom for Android?

  • By Roshuajogers - 3:14 PM on September 4, 2018  

    What bugs have been reported with 3.4? I’ve noted that new albums no longer sync, yet the photos added to the albums are syncing through. All changes are syncing to the web, but not to clients.