Key Photoshop Tricks for Photographers at PhotoPlus Expo 2018

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PhotoPlus Expo is just around the corner and I’m busy preparing my new seminar — Key Photoshop Tricks for Photographers! On Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 2:00 – 3:30, I’ll be showcasing my favorite Photoshop techniques, little-known features and hidden gems to empower you to create your best photographs faster than ever. This fast-paced, information-packed session will include new features, selecting, masking and compositing; using smart objects and smart filters; and working with Content Aware, camera RAW and adjustment layers.

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I hope you’ll join me if you’re looking to gain serious insights and solid Photoshop skills that you can put to use immediately.

Events and Workshops

Posted on 10-05-2018


  • By Per - 12:55 AM on October 15, 2018  

    Sounds very interesting but I live in Europe and cannot visit PhotoPlus Expo. Will your seminar be recorded and available online?