Adobe Announces Updates to Lightroom Classic v8.2 (12-2018)

Adobe Lightroom Classic

I’m excited to announce several new features and enhancements to Lightroom Classic CC including:

• Custom Panel Order for the Develop Module —To change the order of the panels on the right side of  the Develop module, Control -click (Mac) | Right -click (Win) on any panel header (the name of the panel) and select Customize Develop Panel. Use the grabber handle (the three lines) and drag to reorder the panels. Use the checkbox to hide/reveal individual panels. After clicking Save and restarting, Lightroom will display the panels in the new order (as well as toggle the visibility of any checked/unchecked panels). Note: the keyboard shortcuts to display panels (Command + 1, 2, 3, etc (Mac) | Control + 1, 2, 3, etc. (Win) reflects the current custom panel order. For example, if the Lens Correction panel is moved to the first position, then the keyboard shortcut would be Command + 1 (Mac) | Control + 1 (Win) to display the panel.

• Auto-Import and Simultaneously Add to a Collection — To auto-import images via a watched folder, choose File > Auto Import > Auto Import Settings. Then, enable Add to Collection, select or create a new collection, and you’re set! Note: if sync is enabled for the collection, all photos added to the collection will also be synchronized.

• Snap to Grid — It’s easier to align multiple images on a page using the new Grid Snap in the Book module. To enable the feature, in the Guides panel, for Grid Snap, choose “Grid”. When repositioning cells, they will now snap to the gird guidelines. Note: to snap images into alignment based on the image cell (rather than the Grid), choose “Cells” for Grid Snap.

• Presets & Profiles — If you attempted to create or import presets with the same name into a group, Lightroom Classic now presents the following three options:

• “Replace” the existing preset (only the latest preset with the same name will exist in the group).

• “Duplicate” the preset (there will be two presets with the same name now listed in the group).

• “Rename the preset” (by default a numeric extension is applied to the name or, you can rename it yourself).

And, non-compatible presets are now grayed-out in the Presets panel. This includes profiles that contain settings that aren’t designed to work with the selected image (for example camera profiles that aren’t applicable to the current photo or presets that only apply to raw files vs. JPEGs). Note: to enable/disable this option, choose Preferences > Presets > Visibility > Show Partially Compatible Develop Presets.

• Photo Merge — There have been three enhancements made to Photo Merge including: the ability to  merge images with differing dimensions, focal lengths, and orientations, cached previews for improved performance, and he ability for the HDR Panorama merge to use Smart Previews.

• Cancel on Exit — You can now choose to cancel exiting from Lightroom Classic.

• Color Labels for Folders­ — Color labels can now be applied to folders that are off-line.

• Sync and Performance Improvements — The team has improved sync reliability and stability as well as increased performance for customers with 4K and 5K monitors including faster scrolling in Grid view as well as when switching between the Library and Develop modules.

This release also includes additional camera raw support, lens profile support, and addresses bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 12-11-2018


  • By Stan Burman - 10:33 PM on December 11, 2018  

    Thank you Julieanne! This is very helpful.