Different Default Workspace in Photoshop CC

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The default configuration of panels in Photoshop (the Essentials Workspace) is different depending on the resolution of the monitor. On higher resolution monitors, Photoshop displays two columns of panels.  On lower resolution monitors, Photoshop only displays one column. This difference might not seem like a big deal for most people, but in a teaching environment, I wanted to point out that your students might not all be looking at the same default interface. 

Photoshop’s default Workspace on a lower resolution monitor.


Photoshop’s default Workspace on a higher resolution monitor.

As I noted in yesterday’s post, I prefer to rearrange my panels and save them as a custom workspace. This free video (Switching and Saving Workspaces) from Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning demonstrates how. 

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Posted on 02-20-2019