Showing and Hiding Folders in Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom Classic

There are times when you may have imported multiple folders into Lightroom Classic yet can not see the parent folder (the folder higher up on the hierarchical structure). For example, in the illustration below, we can see my folders for 2014- 2019 but not the “Image Vault” folder that they are contained within (in the operating system).

To display the parent folder, Control -click (Mac) | right -click (Win) any of the subfolders (2014-2019 ) in the Folder panel and choose “Add Parent Folder”.  In the illustration below, we can now see the subfolders in their hierarchy.

If you have the opposite dilemma, where you have too many levels of folders showing, Control -click (Mac) | right -click (Win) the top most (parent) folder and select Promote Subfolder to remove the parent folder and promote the child folder(s). One caveat: if there are photos in the parent folder that you are removing, it’s just like removing any other folder and Lightroom will warn you that “If you continue, all photos in the root folder will be removed from the Lightroom catalog but the folder and files will remain on disk”.


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 02-15-2019


  • By Joanna L Macaulay - 8:23 PM on February 26, 2019  

    Julianne, Is it possible to hide one subfolder without hiding its children? I have a mounted volume which looks like a folder. Under it I have “My Pictures”, and under it I have dated folders. I could hide the top level (but don’t want to), but none of the subfolders have the “Hide This Parent” or “Show Parent Folder” links. I want to hide “My Pictures” because it’s superfluous.

    Thanks! We have enjoyed your presentations at the Nature Visions Photo Expos in Virginia.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:38 AM on March 4, 2019  

      You would have to hide the top level folder, then My Pictures would become the parent folder, which you could then hide.