Floating and Cascading Documents in Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop

While I prefer opening files as Tabs, Photoshop also has an option to “float” open documents. To float individual documents, choose Window > Arrange > Float in Windows or Float All in Windows when working with multiple documents or, drag a document’s tab away from the edge of the document preview window and release the cursor. “Floating” enables us to rearrange and resize open documents in any fashion on the screen (an unstructured alternative to  Window >  Arrange > Tile).

However one drawback to viewing images in this manner; depending on the size (and zoom level) of the currently active (selected) document, it might obscure other open documents making them more difficult to find (although you can always choose the Window menu and select any open document from the bottom of the menu). 

Additional Tips for working with “floating” documents:

  • When zooming in and out of floating documents, it might be helpful to use Preference > Tools > Zoom Resizes Windows to enable/disable the resizing of the document window when zooming. 
  • If you like to work with floating documents but don’t want to be able to dock two floating windows together, select Preference > Workspace > Enable Floating Document Window Docking” to enable/disable the behavior. 
  • Selecting Window > Arrange > Cascade will tidy up the floated documents by cascading them from the upper left of the image preview area. 

  • To disable all documents from opening in tabs, choose Preferences > Interface and uncheck “Open Documents as Tabs”. 

Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 03-22-2019