Aerials from Iceland


On my last trip to Iceland, I was fortunate to hire a small aircraft to fly over some truly unique and stunning landscapes. Some of you may know that I’m afraid to fly, but for whatever reason, putting the camera between me and the ground below, enables me to become an observer, an not a participant, and somehow that works for me. I’m still scared when I fly, but there comes a time when the frustration of not making an image outweighs the fear of trying to make it. At that point, I realize that I have push through my anxiety and seize the opportunity.

“We can do anything we want, the trick is, it’s usually waiting for us just beyond our comfort zone” –Winston Hendrickson

The images below were made with my Canon EOS 5Ds with the 24-105 lens, a fairly fast shutter speed (1/1000), ISO between 640 – 1250, and f-stop close to f/8 and lens stabilization on. Without a window pane to worry about, I just needed to make sure to keep my camera out of the air-stream. While we flew over farms, waterfalls, and populated areas, the images that I prefer are more abstract and question the scale and magnitude of the scene.

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Posted on 06-11-2019


  • By FRED J BEIDERBECKE - 10:30 AM on June 11, 2019  

    Very cool pictures.

  • By Martin - 12:38 AM on June 12, 2019  

    Wow. Just wow!

  • By Dawson Pointers - 9:06 AM on June 12, 2019  

    Stunning! Thank you for posting these.

  • By Anne - 12:06 PM on June 12, 2019  

    Absolutely breathtaking!

  • By Mike Baginy - 11:18 AM on June 16, 2019  

    Stunningly beautiful images!