Lightroom Mobile – Recover Deleted Files, Enhanced Search Criteria, Add Batch Metadata, and More!

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom mobile can now recover deleted photos, create presets from Discover posts, find files using enhanced search criteria, and batch apply metadata to files.

Deleted Photos Bin A new Deleted Photos folder is now available in Lightroom mobile as well as Lightroom Desktop, and Lightroom Web (, making it possible to recover deleted photos for up to 60 days. (Deleted items do not count against your storage quota.) 

The Deleted Photos bin.

Tapping the Deleted Photos bin displays deleted photos as well as how many days remain until they will be permanently deleted.

Note:  If you’re using a free version of Lightroom, you can recover your photos on the device on which they were deleted. If you’re a Creative Cloud member or have a Premium subscription, you can recover deleted photos on any device connected to your account.

Create Presets from Discover Posts Tapping the Home icon displays Recently Added files as well as “Learn” and “Discover” posts (both of which are regularly updated with new content from a variety of diverse authors). The Learn posts enable you to walk through Learn tutorials step-by-step, adjusting each slider with guidance and instruction provided along the way.

The Discover posts (which you will need to scroll down to see), allow you to see which edits the creator has been applied to a photo.

To turn the Discover post’s edits into a preset that you can apply to any of your photos, tap on the Discover post, then tap the three-dot menu in the top-right and select Download as Preset. 

To apply the preset to another image, tap the Presets icon, choose User Presets, and select the preset (the new preset will be named after the Discover post).

Improved Search Options You can now search for photos shot with a specific focal length, for a specific file type (Raw, HDR, or Panorama), and for images that include a depth map. To use, tap the search icon and start typing “focal length:”, “type:”, or “depth map:”. Lightroom mobile will auto-complete the search, enabling you to choose your desired option. 

Batch Metadata In addition to being able to copy and paste edits to a series of photos, you can now select a range of photos and adjust the metadata (title, caption, copyright, star rating, and flag status ) of all of the selected photos at once. This functionality is currently available on Android and ChromeOS and will be made available as soon as possible on iOS.

Album Sort Order Also new this release, each Album will now remember the sort order you last set.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 08-13-2019