Batch Edits, Advanced Export, and Contextual Help in Lightroom Mobile (11-2019)

Adobe Lightroom Mobile
I’m excited to announce new features and updates including batch copy/paste of edit settings, advanced export options, and the additional of contextual help to Lightroom mobile.
Batch Edits (iOS)  It’s easier than ever to copy and paste edits made to photos in Lightroom.If you have several similar images that will all need the same corrections, make the desired edits to one of the images. Then, tap the More icon.
Choose Copy Settings.
In the Copy Settings view, select the items that you want to copy. Depending on what settings you want to copy, you can tap the Select menu and choose from the presets including All, Modified, Default, and None.
Or, tap the check box  to enable/disable all settings within an edit stack (such as Light, Color, Effects etc.).
Or, tap the chevron to select specific settings within an edit stack (Exposure, Contrast, Highlights etc.). Then, tap the check (in the upper right) to copy the settings.
To paste the settings to another image, navigate to the image, tap the More icon, and tap Paste Settings.
To paste edit settings to several images, return to Grid view, select the desired images, and tap the Paste Settings icon.
Note: you can also select an image in Grid view and tap the Copy icon to copy the edit settings. Then, select the desired images and tap the Paste icon. While this is a quick way to copy/paste settings, it doesn’t display the Copy Settings screen (so you can’t choose which settings will be copies – instead, it copies the previously selected settings).  For example, if you previously chose to copy only the “Vignette” settings in the Copy Setting screen, when you tap the Copy icon, it will only copy the Vignette settings from the selected image and, when you tap Paste, only the Vignette settings will be pasted.   
Advanced Export (Android and ChromeOS) You can now choose to Export as original, JPEG, and TIFF files. Tap the Share icon and tap Export As.

Depending on the File Format selected, select Dimension, Bit Depth, Transparency, and Compression options.
Tap the More icon for additional controls over Watermarking, Metadata, File Naming, Output Sharpening, and Color Space.
Note: watermarking was previous available under Settings (where you can make changes to the watermark’s appearance, but is now easily applied under  Advanced Export.
Contextual Help (iOS, Android and ChromeOS) To help you find the editing tools you need, while in the edit screen, tap the (?) in the upper right to search for information relevant to editing.
Use the Search bar to find specific tools and features or select one from the Tools & Features list. Or, tap View Tutorials to follow along a step-by-step tutorial.

This release also includes additional camera raw and lens profile support, and addresses bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom on mobile.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 11-04-2019


  • By max - 6:54 AM on November 5, 2019  

    Why is there no tif export on iOS. We (photographers) waiting so long for this option. Lightroom makes no sense without this function for professionals on iPad.

    Best regards,

    • By Julieanne Kost - 4:33 PM on November 11, 2019  

      Hi Max, Unfortunately I can not talk about unannounced products/features, but this is a solid request that I imagine that the team is woking on.

  • By sam - 7:46 AM on November 5, 2019  

    when is advanced export coming to iOS?!?!? 🙁

  • By Elliot B - 10:17 AM on November 7, 2019  

    Are we able to import raw photos from SD card directly to Lightroom app from new update…if so how do we do that?

    Thank u-Elliot

  • By Stephen Peltan - 12:00 PM on November 15, 2019  

    In August, IOS batch metadata edit was promised. Any idea where it is? This is the most compelling use of Lightroom Mobile!