Lightroom Classic 9.0 – Fill Edges for Panoramas, Batch Export, Improved Performance and more!

Adobe Lightroom Classic
Lightroom Classic has added several new features and product updates including Auto Fill Edges for Panoramas, Batch Export with Multiple Presets, Performance Enhancements and more!
Fill Edges for Panorama Merge When using  Photo Merge > Panorama, enable the new Fill Edges option to fill uneven edges with Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill technolog . The Fill is applied to the resulting raw image so that you can still make use of all of the non-destructive raw edits after merging the image!

The original Panorama Merge.

With the new Fill Edges option enabled.

The original Panorama Merge.

With the new Fill Edges option enabled.

Export with Multiple Presets While in past version of Lightroom Classic you could save Export settings as presets for different types of file output, you would need to select each preset, one at a time, to start exporting a selection of photos. Now, you can select multiple Export presets to render multiple versions of the selected files to your hard drive all at once. First, create the desired presets in the Export dialog, then use the check box to the left of the preset name to select them, and click Export.
Note: when a preset is selected, it becomes read-only. Deselect the preset to make changes to the preset. If you have presets with “Choose folder later” as the Export destination (or if the Export path defined in the preset is invalid), Lightroom will display a prompt asking you to select a destination for each preset. 
Filter Folders and Collections/Collection Sets In previous versions you could quickly filter Folders, Collections, and Collection Sets based on whether or not a color label was applied. Now, you can filter based on a specific Color Label (red, green etc.).
Preset Management  You can now quickly export a preset or a group of presets in the Develop module. Control -click (Mac) | right -click (Win) on a preset/preset group (excluding the defaults), and choose Export Group. 
Performance Enhancements In the Develop module, the Post- Crop Vignetting will display a live preview while cropping, and the Clarity and Dehaze sliders should update much more fluidly when scrubbing the sliders. Note: the post-crop vignette preview requires the GPU acceleration to be enabled.
And, in the Library module, when selecting large volumes of images, the keywords will load much more quickly in the Keyword panel.
Clear History Above Selected History Step For anyone that needs more control over what states appear in the History panel, you can now click on a step in the History pane, Control -click (Mac) | right -click (Win) and choose Clear History Above this Step. 
Removing Multiple Photos in Loupe View While viewing images in Loupe view (in either the Library or the Develop module), with multiple images selected, Shift + Delete will display a dialog asking whether to remove or delete the selected master photos from disk or just remove them from Lightroom. (In the past, only the active photo would be removed, now all selected images can be removed at once.)
When in a collection (and in Loupe view), Shift + Delete will remove all selected images from the collection.
Auto Update Process Version Making edits to an image with a previous Process Version applied (PV3 or PV4), will automatically be updated to the current process version (PV5).
Depth Map Criteria You can now filter and create Smart Collections based on whether a photo has depth map.

This release also includes additional camera raw and lens profile support and addresses bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 11-04-2019


  • By Dave Yuhas - 5:55 PM on November 4, 2019  

    As Peggy Lee famously sang – Is that all there is? There is still – after all these years – not a simple invert mask command. I’m gradually switching to Capture One Pro.

  • By Bob - 2:39 PM on November 5, 2019  

    Nice update, doesn’t work on my iMac. To bad

  • By Nick - 6:14 PM on November 5, 2019  

    With the new version when you select a preset for the export, the resulting filename gets amended with the name of the preset. Anyway to turn that off?

  • By Walter A Fuller - 7:47 AM on November 6, 2019  

    Hi Julieanne – thanks for the quick summary of new features. But you need to take a closer look at the Batch Export feature before singing the Batch Mode Boogie. I’ve checked with a number of my professional photographer friends, and we all agree that this new feature is the “Batch Mode That (Almost) Could.” And the reason is because the File Naming preset setting is ignored in batch mode. Yes. I really said that. The filename (yeah, it’s kinda important) preset setting is ignored. And with that card removed, the entire house collapses. This is a non-starter. I can’t use it. When I deliver photos to my customers, the filename really does matter. The help for Lightroom is of little help. The closest thing to an explanation for this bizarre behavior is found both in the application itself and the Adobe help page for the application.

    To the FAQ “Why are some sections hidden when presets are checked?” we get this haze-inducing word salad: “When you select one or more export presets in the Export dialog, Post-Processing section and other sections created by third-party plug-in are hidden in the Export Settings. However, the export settings defined for Post Processing and other sections from third-party plug-ins in the export preset are respected and images are exported accordingly.” Is Adobe saying those preset settings should work? Or, are they saying they won’t work??

    And then there’s this FAQ “When I select checkbox for one or more presets, no preset name is selected?” Nevermind that this isn’t a question. What does it mean? What is a “preset name”? Is it the text to the right of the checkbox? Or is it some vague reference to the File Naming section of the preset settings? It gets even better. Here’s the answer: “Selecting the checkbox for one or more presets removes the selection from the preset name to avoid confusion with existing preset selection behavior.” Huh?? Excuse me for a second while I take a Dramamine. Okay, I’m back. What is a “selection”? How is it removed from the “preset name”? Sounds like we’re setting up to play Wheel of Fortune. And what possible confusion is being avoided?? Exactly how, I must ask, can the settings for File Naming cause “confusion”? If it was “conflict” I can see that, but only if the destination folders for each preset are the same. But that could easily be tested before export and a warning dialog displayed.

    It should be noted that graying out the preset settings is different from ignoring them. For example, in batch mode, all of the preset settings are grayed out, but the File Settings and Image Sizing settings are apparently honored. But not so with File Naming. It’s THAT ONE SETTING that poisons the well. And I cannot comprehend why that stumps Adobe.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 4:26 PM on November 11, 2019  

      Hi Walter,
      Sorry for your frustration, but I just tested exporting multiple files using multiple export presets that have different File Naming settings and they are working for me.
      Any File Naming options that are saved with an Export Preset SHOULD be applied to the files that are exported using that preset.
      If you run through it and it’s not working for you, please let me know and we can trouble shoot it.
      I have a video that I’ve recorded of stepping through the Batch Export command that I can point you to if needed.
      I’m at

  • By Frédéric Lavaire - 2:10 PM on November 9, 2019  

    Juste un petit constat pas très agréable. Cette nouvelle version de Lightroom Classic maintient le ventilateur de mon Mac en haute vitesse permanent. C’est ennuyeux.
    Sincères salutation,

  • By Raeumung - 4:05 AM on November 12, 2019  

    I have to say, I have tested it now already several times and it is great. the tutorial makes it easy to set it up correctly. nicely done. thanks4sharing