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In past version of Lightroom, Adobe added the ability to collaborate by enabling you to share an album and invite others to contribute their photos via Lightroom on the web. In this release, invited collaborators also have the option to add photos using Lightroom on desktop and mobile (including the free version) making it much more convenient to add their photos to your collection. Here’s how: 

With a collection selected, tap the Share and Invite icon. 

Click the Enable Sharing button to share the Album. Lightroom automatically creates a link for the album. Tap the link to view the album in a browser or, tap the clipboard to copy the URL.  

Tap Link Access to determine who can view the album: “Invite only” enables you to control (via email) who is allowed to view (and contribute to) the album, “Anyone can view” creates a link which can be viewed by anyone. 

If you choose to limit the visibility of the album by selecting “Invite only”, tap Invite People and enter the recipients email address. An email will be sent and the invited person can “accept” the invite to view the album.  

Once a person is invited, the Invite People option us updated to Members. 

By default, invited people (Members of the album), can only view the shared album. To enable them to contribute to the Album, tap Members, then tap the icon to the right of the member’s name and choose Can Contribute. Once a member contributes a photo or video to the album, the owner of the shared Album has access to the full resolution file (including raw files).

Use the Link Settings to control additional album options including Show metadata and Show location information,  Allow comments and likes, and Allow JPEG downloads. When done, tap the back arrow at the upper left of the screen.

Tap Customize Display to edit the album Title and Author as well as select between a PhotoGrid, Column, or One-Up  Theme and Dark or LightAppearance.

When finished, tap the link to view the shared album. Note the contributor icons in the lower right of the images.

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Posted on 12-10-2019


  • By Yves - 1:40 PM on December 11, 2019  

    Hello, a suggestion, is it not possible to go search the addresses of people with whom we want to share the images in the current address book of the logged in user on the computer where LR Web is run?