Direct Import to Lightroom on iPadOS and iOS 

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If you have an iPad or iPhone running iOS 13.2 or higher, you can now save time and space on your device by importing your raw photos from your cameras and memory cards directly into Lightroom (bypassing the camera roll), using a Lightning to SD or USB C card reader, Lightning to USB3.0 adapter, or directly from a camera via a cable. This means that many photographers will have the option of uploading and editing their  photos on location – without having to take their laptop with them. 

To import files, launch Lightroom on your iPad or iPhone and connect the device/adapter. When Lightroom displays the Device Connected alert, tap Continue to view the Direct Import screen. 

Note: if the device is already attached when Lightroom is launched, tap the Add Photos icon and select From Camera Device.

By default, Lightroom will add the imported files to All Photos, but you can also choose to organize them into an Album on import by tapping the All Photos and selecting New Album. 

To select all of the photos, tap the check next to the device. To select photos based on date, tap the check next to the desired date. To select individual images, tap/swipe photos in the grid. 

With the desired images selected, tap the Import button at the bottom of the screen. Lightroom first copies the original, full-resolution files to the device and then uploads them to the cloud as network connectivity allows.

After importing the photos, they’ll  appear in All Photos, Recently Added, and Album views (if you chose to create an album on import).

Once the full-resolution originals are uploaded to the cloud, they become available across all of your devices. In addition, once uploaded to the cloud, Lightroom will remove the original photos from the device as needed to free up space.  Note: you can tap the cloud icon in the upper right of the screen to check the progress of the upload. 

Lightroom Classic customers: when using Lightroom Classic , any original, full-resolution files uploaded to the cloud using another device (such as a phone, iPad and/or web browser), will be downloaded locally when Lightroom Classic is launched on the desktop if sync is enabled. The full resolution files will also remain in the cloud (unless deleted using Lightroom Classic). You can find the photos in the Catalog panel under All Photographs and All Synced Photographs as well as under the Lightroom header in the Folders panel. Albums created on another device will appear as collections within a Collection Set named From Lightroom Mobile. 

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 12-10-2019


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