How to Create a Preset in Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Presets are a great way to quickly apply the same look and feel to multiple images in Lightroom Mobile. Here’s how:

1) Apply the desired settings to the photo and tap the More icon (three dots). In this example, I added a blue tint in the shadows of the image using Effects >  Split Toning.

2) Tap Create Preset.

3) Name the Preset, check settings that you want to include, and tap the check to save the Preset. Note: tap the chevron to the right of the name of the Edit stack to choose specific settings such as Split Toning instead of all of the settings within Effects.

4) Select the image to which  you want to apply the preset and tap the Presets icon.

5) Tap to preview the preset then, tap the check to apply it.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 06-11-2020


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