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20 Tips for Cropping in Lightroom Classic

Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: Design – Live on LinkedIn |

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Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: Basics – Live on LinkedIn |

I’m excited to announce that my new Photoshop 2020 Essential Training: Basics course is now available on LinkedIn Learning and on  Whether you’re an experienced creative pro or just starting on your creative journey, learning how to use Photoshop is the best investment you can make in your work! In this course, you’ll quickly learn how to open and navigate documents, customize the Photoshop interface, and start editing your photos. | LinkedIn Learning

Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training: Basics – Live on LinkedIn |

In this course, Julieanne Kost filters out the noise and complexity for you so that you’ll end up empowered and able to quickly get the image results you want. | LinkedIn Learning

Photoshop 2017 Essential Training: The Basics – Live on

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