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20 Tips for Cropping in Lightroom Classic

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Working with Snapshots in Lightroom Classic

Creating a Snapshot in Lightroom Classic “captures” all of the settings applied to an image and saves them as a single entry in the Snapshot panel. We then have the freedom to experiment, taking images in another direction with the security of knowing that we can quickly return to the Snapshot “state” with a single click. I prefer using Snapshots in the following scenarios:

Adobe Lightroom Classic

The Power of Virtual Copies in Lightroom Classic

Virtual Copies are a great way to create multiple “versions” of a photograph without having to duplicate the original (Master) file on the hard drive, thereby saving storage space and limiting the number of original files that need to be managed. Click here to find out more.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

A Complete Guide to Shortcuts for Adobe Camera Raw

I’be listed my favorite shortcuts for Adobe Camera Raw as well as included a link to a PDF.

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG