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The Library Module


Zooming In and Out in Lightroom Classic

Learn how to set your default zoom views in Lightroom Classic.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Rotating Images in Lightroom Classic

Command + [ and ]  (Mac) | Control + [ and ] (Win) rotates a photograph 90° clockwise / counter clockwise.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Making Lightroom Classic Aware of Empty Folders in the Operating System

While creating a new  folder (or a subfolder) within Lightroom Classic is straightforward enough (click the plus icon in the Folder pa...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Auto Stack by Capture Time in Lightroom Classic

In the Library module, choose Photo > Stacking> Auto Stack by Capture Time and use the slider to set the amount of time between s...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Stacking Photographs in Lightroom Classic

Stacking photographs can be helpful when you only wish to display the best of several similar frames in the Library while hiding the ot...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Viewing Images in Multiple Folders in Lightroom Classic

Command -click (Mac) | Control -click (Win) discontiguous folders or, Shift -click contiguous folders in the Folder panel to display th...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Synchronizing Folders in Lightroom Classic

If you have added images to a folder that Lightroom is already aware of, instead of using the Import dialog, you can simply Control -cl...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Showing and Hiding Folders in Lightroom Classic

There are times when you may have imported multiple folders into Lightroom Classic yet can not see the parent folder (the folder higher...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

The Easy Way to Create Subfolders in Lightroom Classic

To quickly create a subfolder without having to scroll to the top of the Folder panel, Control -click (Mac) | right -click (Win) on the...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Displaying Disk Space, Photo Count, or Status in Lightroom Classic

To display Disk Space, Photo Count, or Status (on/offline) in the header for any drive, Control -click (Mac) | Right -click (Win) on th...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Working with the Folder Panel in Lightroom Classic

In Lightroom Classic, clicking on a folder in the Folder panel displays not only the photographs in the selected folder, but also any p...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic – Shortcuts and Quick Reference Guide (PDF)!

This 20 page document lists all of Julieanne's favorite shortcuts for Lightroom Classic.
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Quickly Apply a Preset using the Painter Tool in Lightroom Classic

A very powerful, but seldom used feature of the painter tool is it’s ability to “spray-on” presets in the Library module. Select ...
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Assigning Keywords using the Painter Tool in Lightroom CC

Discover how to access Recently Used Keywords as well as Saved Keyword Sets using the Painter tool in Lightroom CC.
Adobe Lightroom Classic