Come, let’s talk about Content Velocity at Summit

Adobe Marketing Cloud technology has made it possible for marketers to deliver on the promise of personalized, targeted campaigns across a wide array of channels. This has led to increased pressure on creatives to deliver more and more content to support those increasingly more personalized communications. Companies with higher “Content Velocity” can support the demands of their marketing departments, and those without it find themselves unable to be as agile as they need.

There are many viewpoints around Content Velocity. I tend to focus on the relationship between the Marketer and the Creative, looking at how the Marketer engages with the Creative or Agency in order get the content they need. Customers use the Document Cloud to create, manage and orchestrate contracts between the Enterprise and the Creative or Agency. Once the contract is in place, the Enterprise can push brand-approved content to the agency using an integration between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Creative Cloud, and how the Agency can send new work back through the same channel. The Marketer can then use Marketing Cloud to publish that content to multiple channels, using Target (for instance) and Dynamic Media to deliver a personalized campaign in a landing page managed by AEM. Then, they use analytics to prove that an aspect of the campaign needs refinement, which starts the cycle all over again.

Our vision is a frictionless world where the Marketer and the Creative collaborate to generate business results at the speed of modern marketing. It’s Content Velocity, and it’s pretty awesome.

I’ll be speaking about Content Velocity at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas this year. Please join me in this conversation in person or on social media with the hashtag #contentvelocity.

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