August 15, 2005

Good Evening, Mr. and Mrs. America & All the Ships at Sea…

So, it’s time I stepped up and got this blog of mine rolling. First, a basic intro: I’m John Nack & am insanely lucky to work as a product manager for Adobe Photoshop. (If I wake up to find I’m actually still slinging breadsticks at the Olive Garden in South Bend, Indiana, well, it was fun while it lasted.) Prior to joining the ‘Dobe five years ago to work on LiveMotion 2, I was a Flash and graphic designer at AGENCY.COM New York.

What’s my plan? I’ll blog as often as seems useful on things relating to Photoshop, imaging, and the Suite. I aim to be brief and keep things interesting (All Killer, No Filler). Updates are likely to be erratic for a while at least, so subscribing to the RSS feed seems like a good idea.

Being new to all this, I’d be grateful for your input on what you’d like to see in this space. Comments should be up and running, or you can drop me a note: jnack {at}

Now, let’s begin.

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