October 30, 2005

More DNG Momentum

As I’ve mentioned in past entries, Adobe has been using its leadership in digital imaging to drive development of the Digital Negative specification. DNG addresses the need for a common, openly documented raw format–a solution much requested by customers. So, I wanted to pull together some recent good news on this front:

  • Adobe has posted a new press release talking about Ricoh joining the ranks of vendors (Leica, Hasselblad, Samsung) producing DNG directly in-camera.
  • The Library of Congress’s Digital Preservation project has expressed a preference for DNG over proprietary raw formats.
  • Photographer Barry Pearson has compiled a list of dozens of applications that have added DNG support in the one year since Adobe announced the format.
  • Apple Aperture includes support for DNG. Aperture supports about 1/5th as many cameras as Adobe Camera Raw, but by dropping images from the 60+ cameras Aperture doesn’t support onto the free Adobe DNG Converter, you can make the files compatible with Aperture and all the other DNG-aware applications out there.

PS–I’ve always preferred the nice, simple “raw” as the term for this sort of format. Saying “RAW” seems a little aggro (“RAW is WAR!!”), like you need to make the little devil-horns with your hand while saying it. The term is neither an acronym (RAW) nor a proper name (Raw), but rather a generic descriptor for a whole class of formats. Therefore Adobe just says “raw.”

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