October 26, 2005

After Effects.next sneak

At the MAX show last week, Steve Kilisky from the After Effects team demonstrated some new features of an upcoming version of After Effects & how AE video can integrate with content in the new Flash 8 Player. Check out this video to see “a cure for ‘palletosis'” and more. Steve is fourth from the left in the Day Two nav bar [link via Pixelfumes]. For more examples of Flash and After Effects working together, see my earlier post.

Posted by John Nack at 12:56 PM on October 26, 2005


  • Jesse — 5:33 AM on October 27, 2005

    Is this cure going to be something we users can expect to see across the Adobe line? It was really impressive up on those big screens… very eclipse-like ;)

  • John Nack — 7:12 AM on October 27, 2005

    That all depends on what users tell us. I take it you like the new palettes? Not all approaches that work well for a film and video application (one project at a time) would apply to something like Photoshop (multiple images at once), but others would cross over. It’ll be interesting to get more user input on this.

  • Rob — 9:46 AM on October 27, 2005

    Premiere Elements uses a similar paletteless UI, so I’d guess that Premiere Pro 2 might have it as well. I think this cure for “palletosis” might work very well for GoLive, but maybe not so well for InDesign.
    Of course, the best thing for users would be to have a choice, but that might be harder to implement than it sounds.

  • Jesse — 11:27 AM on October 27, 2005

    I like how Dreamweaver 8 handles it in that I can have my tabs or I can pull documents into their own window. With dual screens this is great. I can have a narrow CSS window and the file panel expanded on the right with all document specific stuff and the XHTML/XML/bleh on the left. Works nicely on the laptop as well.. but the panel management drives me nuts.
    When I flip over to photoshop it just drives me crazy some times as well…. but I think a flexible set up like what was demo’d at MAX would be pretty cool. I would like to be able to take things out of one ‘workspace’ and drop it into another — say on my right side ACD.
    …and yes I am an OS X user… but I have never liked clicking on that one small square of empty space and loosing focus. Drives me nuts.

  • PeterK — 12:19 AM on October 28, 2005

    AE7,,, well, there is some improvement in the UI,,,,finally!!!!! Sheesh. How long with that COSA legacy be with us? Looks like some of the UI tweaks will help but its not clear how they completely solve the palette clutter. The timeline is still insanly huge and ridiculous when you open any layer with effects and/or masks. Glad to hear that our old friend, RamPreview is still there (ugh!, no thanks to software only rendering). Moviemaker has been redesigned (barely). Don’t you love batch processing,,,its so,,,well,,60s The text animations can now be viewed in Adobe Bridge whee, and it looks like other types of presets such as effects presets have been added for that special canned, faux artistie look. Good idea in concept but what will adding View do to Bridge performance?
    Best news!!! They demo’ed it on a Mac.
    It does look better but,,,AE used to be the beginning, middle, and end in motion graphics + compositing. Now there are so many better alternatives now to choose from. The AE team really needs to speed up the release cycle to catch up to the other competitors. Right now, AE is in danger of being lapped. And please,,,COSA,,,get over it.
    Don’t get me wrong,,, I like AE and really want it to be a kick-butt app. In the late 90s and up until 2002, all my post work was done either in AE or Commotion but now,,almost none. The work that I do just seems easier, faster, or better in other apps.

  • Amr Toukhy — 2:03 AM on November 02, 2005

    Anyone knows if it is going to be 64Bit !!
    Dual / Quad Processors support !!

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