November 10, 2005

Adobe Camera Raw 3.3b released

We’ve posted version 3.3 (beta) of Adobe Camera Raw for Mac and Windows. Why beta? We didn’t want to keep people waiting for support of new cameras like the Canon 5D, and at this point we felt comfortable letting a build into the wild. There’s also a dedicated forum for discussing 3.3 beta-specific issues. (Just make sure to install into the correct location.)
This release raises the number of supported cameras to 102, and as always, we’ve also updated the free DNG Converter. That means that applications with less extensive camera support are now automatically compatible with all cameras that Camera Raw supports, provided those applications read DNG. Adobe’s work therefore provides a leg up to competing applications, but it’s worth it to get to the point where photographers no longer have to wait for every application to be revised as new cameras are released.

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Photoshop, AE in TV production

Photoshop & After Effects get a nice little nod in this Wall Street Journal article on how desktop software is putting special effects within reach of TV shows: “Updated versions of image-editing software such as After Effects and Photoshop, both products of Adobe Systems Inc., have expanded the arsenal of visual effects available to TV show creators.”
We recently toured the sets of a number of shows learning about the big and small ways these apps touch show production (sticking a young Martin Landau’s head into an old wedding photo; shattering some ribs in an X-ray; designing a logo for a character’s cup of coffee; etc.). Too bad Adobe retired the tag line “Everywhere You Look;” I thought it conveyed something interesting (and true).

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