November 19, 2005

Jack Naylor; Jan von Hollenben; Pigeoncams

  • Photographer Jan von Holleben brings a lush take to the shot-from-overhead perspective (also used by Robin Rhode) in his Dreams of Flying series.
  • NPR featured a story about collector Jack Naylor, who at age 87 is selling his more than 30,000 cameras, images, and other photography ephemera–and asking a cool $20 million. I haven’t found a good online resource about Naylor, but the NPR site features a small gallery of spy cameras and more.
  • Seeing this, I wonder who’s going to bring the pigeon-with-camera idea into the digital age. Pigeon’s-eye-view is one thing, but I want to see it go airborne. Hmm, maybe someone at Make will take the challenge. (And if it really takes off, you know someone will create
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