November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Feature: Menu Customization

Maybe I’m addled from downing too much of the turkey fixings (and it’s barely even noon), but I’ve been thinking about restaurants’ penchant for adding absurd descriptors to otherwise ordinary food. On a roadtrip out east last week, I noted menus offering:

  • Pan-Seared Chilean Sea Bass
  • Lamb Lettuce with Toasted Goat Cheese
  • Iowa Caramel Custard

Okay, the fish may be neither Chilean nor bass (discuss!); I have no idea what lambs have to do with lettuce; and having gone to high school in Iowa, I can tell you it’s not synonymous with gourmet desserts. But now that Photoshop CS2 supports menu customization, I’m thinking we should take a cue from restaurateurs. How about:

  • Puréed Liquify filter
  • Vector Confit on a Bed of Merged Layers
  • Braised Shank of Smart Object
  • Dodged & Burned Creme Brulée
  • CCD-Fresh Megapixels in a Chromatic Noise Reduction

Or perhaps not. ;-) Really I just wanted to say thanks for reading, and to wish you and yours an extraordinarily happy Thanksgiving.
El Tryptophan (master of the Sleeper Hold)

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